Sub Slab Vapor Assessment

Vapor Assessment

Vapor intrusion occurs when chemical vapors migrate from contaminated soil and/or groundwater through the soil  pore spaces into the basements or beneath foundations of buildings. These chemical vapors can migrate into and degrade indoor air, sometimes to the point of posing risks to human health.

The ABF Environmental team  are experts in completing vapor intrusion assessments and due diligence activities to identify potential or knowns  sources of vapor intrusion.  Our team performs soil, groundwater, soil gas and/or indoor air assessments to determine if vapor intrusion standards are met, or if further evaluation, or mitigation is necessary.


ABF has successfully mitigated vapor intrusion for a variety of projects through the installation of Vapor Barriers, which is typical for new construction, and with Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems, which are common for existing construction.