Transaction Screen Assessment

Environmental Transaction Screen

A Transaction Screen Assessment is a cost-effective environmental due diligence report. Sometimes called an Environmental Transaction Screen, the Transaction Screen Assessment is essentially a scaled down version of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  ABF provides hundreds of Transaction Screens a year and is expert at evaluating and communicating the potential environmental liability of a site through these reports.

The Transaction Screen scope of work includes a site visit, regulatory records review, key personnel interviews and limited historical research. Aside from the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), the Transaction Screen Assessment is the only other environmental due diligence product that is governed by an ASTM Standard Practice. The ASTM standard for the Transaction Screen is 1528-06 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process. Unlike the Phase I ESA, however, the Transaction Screen does not meet the requirements of the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry and will not offer the user protection from CERCLA liability.